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Flowers For Fall On Your Table

By triasflowers on October 28, 2018 in Fall, Flowers. 0 Comments

Fall is here in full swing and that means we start to think about our seasonal and holiday entertaining. For beautiful tablescapes all season long, the floral experts at Trias Flowers have created a gorgeous collection of centerpieces and we’ve put together some great tips for a stunning table. Create a perfectly mismatched look by including simple stemware with fancier china, or vice versa. With the right proportions, mismatched styles are very chic. Add a bit of sparkle and shine with vintage silver. It goes with everything and will dress up a rustic table or create a relaxed feel to a more formal spread. When including place cards, be sure they’re hand-written for a personal touch. Wrap around linen napkins with twine and a fall flower for an extra-autumn flair. Read More about Flowers For Fall On Your Table

Fall’s Myriad Textures

By triasflowers on October 21, 2018 in Fall, Flowers. 0 Comments

Celebrate the joys of autumn with your home decor this season and prepare your household to settle in for winter. The design experts at Trias Flowers have some great tips on how to ready your home for fall. Add color. Mustard yellow, rust orange, spicy plum and sage green mixed with neutrals like cream, tan and gray create a natural, rustic feel to any setting. Add texture. Use natural elements like burlap, tree bark, pine cones, acorns and nuts to accent your decor. Add fragrance. Let the fresh, invigorating essence of fall infuse your home with scents of sandlewood, maple, pumpkin or cinnamon. The refreshing atmosphere you create will set the tone for a joyful season. Read More about Fall’s Myriad Textures

Flowers That Set A Haunting Halloween Scene

By triasflowers on October 14, 2018 in Fall, Flowers, Halloween. 0 Comments

With Halloween approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll decorate for this ghoulish holiday. Hosting a costume party or decorating your desk at work can be a lot of fun. With so many options, consider having a spooky floral display at the center of your table or on your office desk this holiday. The floral designers at Trias Flowers have unleashed their creativity this season with some incredible pieces for Halloween. Read More about Flowers That Set A Haunting Halloween Scene

Show Your Love With Jewel-Toned Flowers

By triasflowers on September 23, 2018 in Fall, Flowers. 0 Comments

A gorgeous display of  seasonal flowers is one of the best ways to encourage love and romance. When you make sure those flowers are a cut above the typical floral arrangement, you’re bound to make your affections clear. For bold, deep feelings only the bright richness of autumn jewel-toned flowers will do. The floral designers at Trias Flowers have created some extraordinary pieces to help you express your deepest love and admiration to that special someone. Read More about Show Your Love With Jewel-Toned Flowers

Get In the Spirit Of The Season With Edible Flowers!

By triasflowers on September 17, 2018 in Fall, Flowers, Uncategorized. 0 Comments

A fabulous way to welcome fall and usher in the spirit of the season is with a dinner party that includes plenty of seasonal offerings. From the food to the decor, bring fall into focus for your guests with recipes containing edible flowers and gorgeous fall floral arrangements as centerpieces. Trias Flowers suggests some of our favorite designs and recipes to make your next dinner party a hit. Read More about Get In the Spirit Of The Season With Edible Flowers!

Glorious Floral Host Gifts

By triasflowers on November 3, 2017 in Fall, Flowers, Thanksgiving. 0 Comments

So many of us will be traveling over hill and dale this Thanksgiving to gather round the table with our nearest and dearest. In fact, last year, 50 million people went 50 miles or more to do just that, and we at Trias Flowers don't expect this year to be any different. If this sounds like your plan come November 23, we want to clue you in to a tradition that will express your hearty gratitude to the people welcoming you into their home: the host gift. Read More about Glorious Floral Host Gifts

Modern Elegance with Mums

By triasflowers on October 20, 2017 in Fall, Flowers. 0 Comments

When we think of the most chic flowers, a few come to mind: roses, orchid, lily, tulips. Rarely do we consider the humble mum a part of that category. The ubiquitous flowering plant is usually found cheering up doorsteps or flower beds come Fall, even here in Miami, where the already-thirsty mum is made even thirstier. But there are many varieties of mums in all the harvest hues. The kind you'll want to bring indoors. The kind you'll want to set in the center of your holiday dining area or entryway table. We at Trias Flowers are here to show you just how elegant mums - especially when blended with other flowers - can be. Read More about Modern Elegance with Mums

Floral Designs in Autumn Colors

By triasflowers on September 11, 2017 in Fall. 0 Comments

Let's face it, those of us in Miami can feel a little left out as we hear of everyone anticipating the fall season. We don't really experience a decrease in temperatures, nor do we have the opportunity to enjoy the splendor of changing fall foliage. Still, many of us still love to decorate our homes with the colors of autumn - either to remember past years up north, or to simply change up the ambiance a bit. If you are looking to give your home a bit of an autumn air, Trias Flowers has some fall-inspired ideas, which we present to you Florida style! The colors of autumn are traditionally yellowish gold, red burgundy, and burnt orange. While our friends may be potting mums and asters, we have a different spin on seasonal floral designs.  Read More about Floral Designs in Autumn Colors


By triasflowers on November 18, 2015 in Fall, Thanksgiving. 0 Comments

The traditional cornucopia, or ‘horn of plenty’, is a common centerpiece on our holiday tables. Through the centuries the horn-shaped basket overflowing with fruits, nuts, gourds and grains has symbolized abundance, prosperity and good luck. Although the cornucopia did… Read More about Cornucopias