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Bright, Cheery Red Flowers to Warm Your During Winter

If you’re looking for a fast way to add a splash of color and boldness to your home, a bouquet or arrangement of scarlet bloom that’s exciting and festive would be perfect! Often associated with love, red flowers… Read More about Bright, Cheery Red Flowers to Warm Your During Winter »
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10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year

Besides the obvious safety measures of social distancing and not going to crowded places amid the coronavirus, even before this started going out on Valentine’s Day was a bit of a chore and very expensive. Going out isn’t the only… Read More about 10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year »
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Look Amazing For Your Spring Dance

It’s almost the end of the school year and that means end-of-the-year spring dances and proms are almost here. We are so excited at Trias Flowers for you to celebrate this school year and all you have accomplished with such a major event like prom. We know you want to look amazing for your spring dance and we can help you do that. The Floral Designers at Trias Flowers are making beautiful corsages and boutonnieres in an array of styles and colors. Read More about Look Amazing For Your Spring Dance »
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Express Your Affection

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means now is the time to send your love and affection to your special someone. What you choose to send will communicate a particular message to her. Flowers and their different colors often mean different things. For example, yellow can mean friendship while purple can represent royalty and of course, red represents love and desire. Let her know how special she is to you with the flowers you send. Trias Flowers is designing beautiful arrangements in an array of colors for Valentine’s Day this year. Read More about Express Your Affection »
Posted by triasflowers on January 21, 2019 Floral design Flowers Holidays Love and Romance Roses Valentine's Day

Living Coral is the Effervescent Color of 2019

2019's Color of the Year has finally been announced and its name is Living Coral. This vibrant yet mellow shade that brings energy to every room it fills will be a bright spot in this year‘s color palette. We will be seeing Living Coral everywhere we look from runways to weddings, from home decor to sporting events. One of the best and easiest ways for you to incorporate Living Coral into your daily life is with a beautiful floral arrangement in these new shades, according to Trias Flowers. Read More about Living Coral is the Effervescent Color of 2019 »
Posted by triasflowers on January 7, 2019 Floral design Flowers Roses

Fresh New Year’s Blooms

The New Year is quickly approaching, which is a great time to look for small changes we can make to create positive impacts on our health, work, and relationships. The floral experts at Trias Flowers think flowers are the best ways to do this! Here's why: Flowers lower stress. The greenery found in plants and floral arrangements is known to reduce stress and anxiety levels in people who work near them. If you have a stressful job, try placing a beautiful floral arrangement on your desk to keep you calm and refreshed. Flowers boost creativity. Colorful additions to your creative workspace are shown to increase creative thought. Allow the creative juices to flow when you surround yourself with blooms in your favorite colors. Flowers strengthen relationships. Tending to another living thing helps us become more compassionate, empathetic and emotionally connected. What great qualities to bring into all of your relationships! Read More about Fresh New Year’s Blooms »
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DIY Holiday Crafts

Now that the holiday season is here, we begin to decorate our homes in the spirit of the season. This year, try invoking some creativity and inspiration by completing a do-it-yourself craft that will go perfectly with your holiday decor. Involve children and other family members for a delightful activity that will lead to plenty of memories. For example, a round of pine cone place cards will look beautiful alongside many of the fabulous holiday centerpieces created by the designers at Trias Flowers. Read More about DIY Holiday Crafts »
Posted by triasflowers on December 2, 2018 | Last Updated: November 20, 2020 Christmas Flowers Holidays Roses

Symbolically Powerful Flowers

Giving flowers can often be symbolic of your deeper feelings for a person or about a situation. Choose flowers that have special meaning, or in colors that represent specific emotions. White roses, for instance, have historically represented innocence and purity, but they can also signify new beginnings. Share white roses at the beginning of a new relationship to usher in hopeful feelings for the future. The floral designers at Trias Flowers have created some amazing pieces with white roses for you to share with your new love. Read More about Symbolically Powerful Flowers »
Posted by triasflowers on August 31, 2018 Flowers Roses

Luxurious Roses & Designs

It is summer in Miami, and the vivid and vibrant is all around us. It's hard to contain the excitement as we anticipate gorgeous days and amazing nights here in our favorite city. At Trias Flowers, even the roses reflect the change, with bright colors and fresh styles that are unlike any other. June is National Rose Month, and the luxurious roses you need for all of your celebrations are right here. If you can't seem to get enough of these classic flowers, be sure to check out our online Rose Collection, as well as our Pinterest page!  Read More about Luxurious Roses & Designs »
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