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Independence Day Flowers Help You Celebrate

It is almost July, and with the arrival of this month, we know that Independence Day is just around the corner. For many people, celebrating the 4th of July is special time of year. For example, we enjoy watching fireworks exploding in the sky, eating great food and spending time with our favorite people. The bright reds, whites and blues of the season can be seen everywhere. Flowers in these same hues make the celebration every more special. Why not let the floral artisans at Trias Flowers work their magic to create an arrangement showcasing the colors of the season? Read More about Independence Day Flowers Help You Celebrate »
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Summer Flowers Are The Perfect Complement To Your Home Decor

June is here and with it comes summer in all her glory! The sights, sounds and scents of nature invite us to linger outdoors. Trias Flowers offers the opportunity to bring the sunshine and warmth of the summer season indoors with an array of artfully designed floral arrangements suitable for any décor. From your front porch to your dining room table, a colorful bouquet just reminds us of the promise of long summer days and warm summer breezes. Let the floral designers at Trias Flowers create the perfect summer complement for your home. Read More about Summer Flowers Are The Perfect Complement To Your Home Decor »
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Bee-Friendly Summer Flowers

A healthy, natural garden is a thriving eco-system all its own. Flowers bloom, produce ripens and bees buzz all around, indicating a strong environment. Bees, specifically, are an indication that you’re doing much to keep your growing space toxin-free, hydrated and balanced. By providing bee-friendly flowers like hydrangea, sunflowers, roses and lavender, you allow these creatures that have been subjected to damaging environmental changes to grow and work again. Trias Flowers & Gifts recommends creating a pesticide-free space, shaded shelter and a bit of fresh water for bees to encourage healthy growth in your naturally beautiful garden. Read More about Bee-Friendly Summer Flowers »
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A Dining Room With Personality, Courtesy Of Flowers

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun when you focus on each area of your home individually. While it’s good to have a continuity throughout your home, each space serves a unique purpose and can be designed to reflect that through how you choose to decorate it. Your dining room, for instance, can be beautifully decorated with table flowers and gorgeous artwork that enhances your dining experience every time you’re there. The floral experts at Trias Flowers & Gifts have some excellent ideas about how to include flowers on your dining room table. Read More about A Dining Room With Personality, Courtesy Of Flowers »
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Go Somewhere New Through Flowers

Don't feel like leaving Miami this summer? Trias Flowers doesn't blame you. That said if you want to inject that worldly, well-traveled air into your home, do it through flowers. And not just any flowers, insanely exotic ones. Ones that recall a time and place that is entirely elsewhere, that brings up memories of that milestone trip you took somewhere even more tropical than here, or that creates that trip right in your very own dining room. Or kitchen. Or patio. Read More about Go Somewhere New Through Flowers »
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A Summer Party Calls For Flowers

If you're hosting a summer dinner party this June---and we here at Trias Flowers sure hope you are---you're going to need flowers. This season's menu is all about bright, citrus-forward flavors. We want our food to refresh us, invigorate us, invite us to try new tastes and textures. Summer has an air of easy elegance about it---the sultry weather and longer days lead to balmy nights punctuated by the chant of cicadas. We entertain with platters of salmon, dishes of ceviche, bowls of gazpacho and fresh-from-the-garden salads heaving with vegetables. Our flowers should take a note from our menus, no? Read More about A Summer Party Calls For Flowers »
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Flowers That Reflect Summer’s Vibe

Trias Flowers doesn't want to jump the gun, but it feels like summer already, doesn't it? Between these rains, the heat and the lovebugs, we're feeling the sizzle of summer, which brings us to its delightful flowers. There's a whole range of vivid beauties to anticipate, and even if we can get most of them year round, given our friendly climate, it doesn't always make sense to display them. Not so in summer, when our frost-sensitive flowers can really shine. Put them on the kitchen table, the dining room table, on the patio or by the pool---wherever these bold blossoms go, they bring the spirit of summer to the space. Read More about Flowers That Reflect Summer’s Vibe »
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Recognizing Bonds of Friendship

Two of the closest relationships we encounter in this life are our sisters, and our best friends. In fact, very often one person can be both - a sister who your best friend, for instance; or a best friend who is more like family. We even celebrate these very special people on the same day - August 6 is both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day. Whether she is related by blood or closer than a sister, you can celebrate how amazin gshe is with a bouquet or floral design from Trias Flowers. The Strength of Sisterhood: Studies show us that people who grow up with a close bond with their sister are happier adults who are also more generous, optimistic, and confident throughout their lives.  Read More about Recognizing Bonds of Friendship »
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Elegant Hydrangea Floral Designs

The elegant hydrangea rarely gets top billing. Instead, this beautiful and lavish flower provides one of the most common backdrops for spring and summer floral arrangements. With delicate petals and pleasing color palettes, it is no wonder that it blends so well with virtually every other flower - but this month, the experts at Trias Flowers would like to bring the hydrangea to the forefront and introduce you directly to this versatile bloom. Read More about Elegant Hydrangea Floral Designs »
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