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Promote Good Health With Flowers

By triasflowers on December 27, 2017 in Flowers, Get Well Bouquets. 0 Comments

At Trias Flowers, we're convinced flowers have the power to lift the spirit, promote a positive outlook, enhance the living or work space and yes, impact health. And we're not alone, with more and more studies confirming how flowers and plants influence how we feel. A 2008 American Society of Horticultural Science study found that hospitalized patients who have flowers or potted plants in their rooms use less pain medication and have lower blood pressure overall compared to their flower-less counterparts. Other research confirms that yes, flowers make us happy when we receive them, but that happiness level doesn't disappear upon receipt. Instead, it lasts days. Read More about Promote Good Health With Flowers

Get Well Flowers and Gifts

By triasflowers on January 3, 2017 in Floral design, Flowers, Get Well Bouquets. 0 Comments

When are loved ones are hurt or under the weather, we want to do everything we can to help them feel better. Whether in the hospital or at home, visits, gifts, and thoughtful gestures go a long way to keeping their spirits up. Fresh flowers have actually been proven to improve people's general sense of well-being and to raise happiness levels - so sending get well flowers (or delivering them in person) should be high on your list of ways to help them on the road to recovery. The floral designers at Trias Flowers have the expertise and creativity needed to guarantee that your friend or family member will receive the most uniquely gorgeous flowers available in Miami - and to help them on the path to healing.  Read More about Get Well Flowers and Gifts