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Independence Day Flowers Help You Celebrate

It is almost July, and with the arrival of this month, we know that Independence Day is just around the corner. For many people, celebrating the 4th of July is special time of year. For example, we enjoy watching fireworks exploding in the sky, eating great food and spending time with our favorite people. The bright reds, whites and blues of the season can be seen everywhere. Flowers in these same hues make the celebration every more special. Why not let the floral artisans at Trias Flowers work their magic to create an arrangement showcasing the colors of the season? Read More about Independence Day Flowers Help You Celebrate »
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The 4th Of July In A Centerpiece

If you're hosting the 4th of July in your home this year, you're going to need one smashing centerpiece. Preferably one that draws as much attention as the fireworks later. One that recalls the colors of the American flag. One that fits perfectly to the center of your table, giving off a sense of festivity but also a dignified air. Trias Flowers has just the thing, and the best part is, it will work however your event is styled. Whether you'll be indoors or out, there is a 4th of July centerpiece that will generate sparks wherever you put it. Read More about The 4th Of July In A Centerpiece »
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Celebrating July Fourth in Style

On July 4th, people across the nation will be celebrating our independence, and Miami is no exception! From parades to fireworks, there are numerous events to fill your day with fun and festivity. If you are headed to a party (or hosting one yourself), don't forget to call us for the flowers! Trias Flowers has a collection of patriotic flowers perfect for July Fourth, not only exuding the spirit of America but showing off the signature Trias Flowers elegance. Did You Know? It is believed that most of the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776 - not July 4th. In fact, only two original patriots are thought to have signed on the day we now celebrate. The facts were controversial for many years, and some still wonder about the actual date the document was signed.  Read More about Celebrating July Fourth in Style »
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