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To Remember & Honor

This holiday season, many people prepare for joyful celebrations and cheerful time with loved ones, while the families of fallen veterans often feel an acute sadness at the absence of their loved one. This season, we encourage these families to participate in a wreath-laying ceremony like those conducted with Wreaths Across America. This program, started at Arlington National Cemetery, brings friends and families together for a day of laying flowers and wreaths on the grave sites of soldiers and other veterans to remember and honor their lives of sacrifice and service. The floral designers at Trias Flowers have a beautiful line of holiday wreaths and flowers for you to choose for your own wreath-laying ceremony this season. Read More about To Remember & Honor »
Posted by triasflowers on December 9, 2018 Christmas Holidays Sympathy

DIY Holiday Crafts

Now that the holiday season is here, we begin to decorate our homes in the spirit of the season. This year, try invoking some creativity and inspiration by completing a do-it-yourself craft that will go perfectly with your holiday decor. Involve children and other family members for a delightful activity that will lead to plenty of memories. For example, a round of pine cone place cards will look beautiful alongside many of the fabulous holiday centerpieces created by the designers at Trias Flowers. Read More about DIY Holiday Crafts »
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Unique Holiday Arrangements

Now that the holidays are here, ‘tis the season to send glad tidings of peace and joy to everyone you love. This year, think about gifting your loved ones with beautiful decorations that will enhance their holiday designs throughout their home. Give them something they can enjoy all season long. A beautiful floral Christmas arrangement, a handmade keepsake ornament, or a delicious gourmet gift basket can be the thing that delights them most and fills them with the Christmas spirit. Take a look at the collection of holiday best-sellers the designers at Trias Flowers have created just for you. Read More about Unique Holiday Arrangements »
Posted by triasflowers on November 26, 2018 Christmas Floral design Holidays

Joyful Winter Wreaths

Now that the holidays are approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about how you will decorate for this season of cheer and joy. Consider including the exterior of your house in your decorating plans as well as the inside. Add a beautiful holiday potted plant to your front porch steps or hang an elegant, tasteful wreath on your front door for a lovely seasonal look. Give your home an inviting warmth and cheer this holiday season. Take a look at the fabulous holiday wreaths designed by our very own floor floral artisans at Trias Flowers. Read More about Joyful Winter Wreaths »
Posted by triasflowers on November 19, 2018 Christmas Holidays Plants

Too Pretty To Wrap Gifts

One of the best things about our Holiday Gift Guide is that it offers a spate of luxury gifts that you don't have to wrap. Flowers especially need no adornment, and the way these designs present is sure to put your other presents - however beautifully wrapped - to shame. At Trias Flowers, we love this time of year. It's such an opportunity to do gorgeous, abundant, rich-looking floral work. Our floral customers are looking for bouquets with real presence and seasonal spirit, and we're happy to oblige. Here are a couple of our favorites. Read More about Too Pretty To Wrap Gifts »
Posted by triasflowers on December 10, 2017 Christmas Holidays

Striking Secret Santa Gifts

'Tis the season for Secret Santa, the fun group gift swap enjoyed by coworkers, friends and other like-minded groups. There's nothing more exciting than the big reveal, where everyone discovers the identity of their gift-giver and fesses up to their own. But keeping the secret - and knowing what to give - can be a challenge during the weeks leading up to the finale. We at Trias Flowers are here to help. Read More about Striking Secret Santa Gifts »
Posted by triasflowers on November 30, 2017 Christmas

Spirited Office Decor for the Holidays

Here at Trias Flowers, we're happy to welcome the noble poinsettia back into the shop again. This cheerful plant, symbolic of the season, is used abundantly in homes and workplaces throughout the country during this time of year. We love this winter bloomer so much, in fact, that we even have a national day for it (December 12). Introduced to the U.S. from Mexico, the poinsettia came by its Christmas-plant reputation through a legend. It's said that in the 16th century, a humble Mexican girl was instructed by an angel to pick some weeds by the side of the road and place them on her church's altar in celebration of Jesus' birthday. The weeds blossomed into the poinsettia, and the rest is history. Read More about Spirited Office Decor for the Holidays »
Posted by triasflowers on November 17, 2017 Christmas

Bringing Elegance to Secret Santa

Secret Santa gift exchanges are popular across the country and around the world. If you are involved in a gift exchange this season and you are finding it difficult to find the right gift - the floral designers at Trias Flowers would like to suggest that you consider giving flowers. Although you may not think of flowers as your first choice for a Christmas gift, they should be at the top of your list. After all, one size fits all, the colors are always beautiful - and no one ever wants to return a floral arrangement! Did You Know? Rutger's University has determined scientifically that receiving flowers will cause a person's happiness level to increase. Flowers literally bring joy to the world at Christmas time! Read More about Bringing Elegance to Secret Santa »
Posted by triasflowers on December 6, 2016 | Last Updated: December 10, 2016 Christmas Flowers

Christmas Poinsettias – Classic & Contemporary

There is no flower that is more classic at Christmastime than the poinsettia. The star-shaped bloom resembles the Star of Bethlehem, and the deep red hues are perfectly festive. During this time of year, Christmas poinsettias are everywhere you look, as they are the quintessential seasonal decor even here in South Florida. In fact, they do well in temperate, humid climates and don't like the cold, so winter in Miami is just about right!  If this classic holiday plant is exactly what you need for your decorating, Trias Flowers has the high-quality, long-lasting selection that will check them off your list. Read More about Christmas Poinsettias – Classic & Contemporary »
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Seasonal Corporate Events

The Christmas season is upon us, and event planning is in full swing. If your organization has put you in charge of creating the decor and ambiance for the company holiday party, then Trias Flowers, Weddings, and Events should be your first call. For over 100 years, our exceptionally personal approach to each client has earned us the reputation for award-winning floral design and spectacular corporate events, unmatched in the greater Miami area.  Read More about Seasonal Corporate Events »
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