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Display Your Patriotic Pride This Memorial Day

.single #maincontent .img-featured { object-position: bottom; } Memorial Day is almost here and we are happy to help you celebrate this respected holiday with a beautiful bouquet of patriotic flowers. Sending flowers in remembrance of a hero who has died in the line of duty is a beautiful way to recognize their service and honor their life. The floral designers at Trias Flowers have created some amazing red, white and blue pieces that you will love to share with friends or family members or display prominently yourself in your home or office. Read More about Display Your Patriotic Pride This Memorial Day »
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What To Put On Your Memorial Day Table

You may be welcoming guests into your home this Memorial Day, Trias Flowers knows, so the question of how to dress your tables for the entertaining you'll be doing---and how to reconcile that with the solemnity of the occasion---invariably comes up. We're here to help. Memorial Day offers us the chance to be with friends and family over the three-day weekend and to welcome the advent of summer. This is why so many of our gatherings are held outdoors and present as barbecues, potlucks and pool parties. On the other hand, this is a poignant occasion during which we remember the brave men and women who lost their lives in service to country. The flowers and other decor you use to enhance your space for entertaining have to capture the day's dual spirit. No easy feat. Read More about What To Put On Your Memorial Day Table »
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Elegant Memorial Day Remembrance

Flowers have long been the language of deep emotion and sentiments, and on Memorial Day, they have always played an important role in helping us to remember the fallen. In fact, the observance has its own official flower, the red poppy. Although this flower is rarely given out today, it does still symbolize the sacrifices of countless brave men and women throughout our history. At Trias Flowers, we use different flowers to express our respect and gratitude, but these offerings are no less patriotic and meaningful. This May 29,send a Memorial Day remembrance from Trias Flowers, and give them the honor they deserve. The History of the Red Poppy: After World War I, a soldier by the name of John McCrae penned a poem which would forever link the red poppy with Memorial Day. In Flanders Fields recounted the heart-wrenching scene of beautiful poppies growing up around the soldiers graves on the battlefield, and firmly established the flower as an ambassador for the holiday.  Read More about Elegant Memorial Day Remembrance »
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