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The Fine Art of Giving

Giving beautiful, timely and appropriate gifts is a fine art that can be mastered easily with the help of the right professionals. The trick is to find a source for amazing, unique treasures that will amaze and delight your friends and family. At Trias Flowers, we have unique gifts that can be given for a variety of occasions. Let us help you become a fabulous master gifter with a few easy tips from the designers at Trias Flowers.  Read More about The Fine Art of Giving »
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Elegant Housewarming Gifts

Statistics tell us that in any given year, 15% of Americans will move to a new home. That means that 40 million people will have new places to live, and countless more will have new neighbors. If you are invited to the housewarming party, or simply want to surprise a newly relocated friend or relative, look to Trias Flowers for elegant housewarming gifts. History of Housewarming: Interestingly enough, the term housewarming is quite literal. In the days before electricity and central heat, when a new family moved into a home, their friends and neighbors would come over bearing gifts of firewood. This was to help the new homeowners keep their fireplace going during the long winter - to keep the house warm.  Read More about Elegant Housewarming Gifts »
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