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Captivate Your Sweetheart This Anniversary

So your anniversary may not be in June, but as the unofficial season for weddings (maybe not in South Florida, but everywhere else), Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events is taking a minute to highlight both the wedding work we do and especially the anniversary selection we offer. Yes, we supply glamorous, gorgeous florals to weddings all year, helping to capture the vision of our brides and grooms in flowers. But we also have a stable of anniversary designs specifically created to honor the occasion, whether it's a fifth anniversary or a 50th. Read More about Captivate Your Sweetheart This Anniversary »
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Miami Anniversaries & Weddings

More brides and grooms choose to walk down the aisle in June than any other month of the year. Experts theorize many different reasons for this - from beautiful weather to easier travel for friends and family. But there is a more historical theory as well - in both ancient Rome and Celtic cultures, a great number of weddings occurred in June, In Rome, it was to garner the protection of the goddess Juno, and in Ireland, couples were married 6 weeks after elders arranged their marriages on May Day. (May 1). Many of our ancestors came from these areas, and the tradition may have carried on. Regardless of the reasoning, June has officially been named Wedding Month - so if you are one of the couples planning a local Miami wedding, we'd like to introduce you to Trias Flowers, Wedding & Events. We've been providing Miami wedding flowers for over 27 years. A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words: Browse our Wedding Site for tips, explanations of traditions, information on wedding planning and photos. And for hundreds of additional photos to inspire you, check out our Pinterest Wedding Boards!  Read More about Miami Anniversaries & Weddings »
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Celebrating Miami Weddings

Here in Miami, the fact that February is National Wedding Month makes perfect sense - after all, we can enjoy a sunny and warm wedding day all year round! But our friends around the country may wonder why a month in the dead of winter is singled out to celebrate wedding days, especially given that it ranks fairly low on the list of top months for weddings. (June, August, and September are the top 3). Turns out, there are a number of great reasons to recognize weddings during the month of February, and the experts at Trias Flowers are here to let you in on some industry knowledge.  Read More about Celebrating Miami Weddings »
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