An arrangement of green cymbidium orchids, green tricks, orange roses, red hypericum, and orange wax flower

Modena from Trias Flowers in Miami is a striking blend of elegance and vibrancy, a floral arrangement that breathes life into any room it graces. This exquisite creation combines the exotic allure of green Cymbidium orchids with the playful charm of green tricks, all set against the fiery backdrop of orange roses and red hypericum berries.

The Cymbidium orchids, with their broad, star-shaped blooms and speckled throats, are a visual feast, symbolizing strength and nobility. Their rich green color is not only rare and captivating but also signifies life, vitality, and renewal. Complementing the orchids are the whimsical green tricks, also known as Dianthus barbatus ‘Green Trick’, with their fuzzy, globe-like appearance that adds an element of texture and an unexpected burst of greenery. The boldness of the orange roses cannot be understated; their petals unfold in a display of beauty that's both fiery and romantic. These roses are the embodiment of passion and energy, their vivid hue mirroring the setting sun's final blaze of glory. Adding to the warmth are the clusters of red hypericum berries, their rich color providing a beautiful contrast to the green while symbolizing protection and peace. Dotted amongst these are the delicate orange wax flowers, petite and graceful, lending a fine, intricate detail to the overall design.

Modena is a celebration of contrast and harmony, where each element has been thoughtfully chosen to create a composition that is as much a work of art as it is a floral arrangement. It's a testament to the artistry of Trias Flowers, offering a touch of Miami's vibrancy and flair. Whether it's to enliven a home, celebrate a special occasion, or simply spread joy, Modena is a breathtaking choice that won't soon be forgotten.

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