floppy bunny stuffed animal in pink floral arrangement
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Floppy Bunny

An arrangement of pink hydrangeas, pink snapdragons, pink spray roses, and variegated aspidistra leaves 

Floppy Bunny from Trias Flowers is not just a floral arrangement; it's a bundle of joy and a celebration of new beginnings. This delightful creation is thoughtfully designed to welcome a new baby into the world with softness and charm. At the heart of the arrangement is a plush, white stuffed bunny, its floppy ears and gentle expression evoking the innocence and wonder of childhood.

Nestled around this adorable bunny are blooms in the softest shades of pink, creating a tender and soothing palette. The pink hydrangeas offer a cloud-like fullness, their lush, rounded blooms symbolizing heartfelt emotion and care. Complementing the hydrangeas are the graceful pink snapdragons, which rise gently with their elongated clusters, adding height and an air of delicate beauty. The arrangement is dotted with pink spray roses, each small blossom a whisper of affection and joy. These miniature roses add depth and texture, with their multiple blooms on each stem making them a symbol of abundance and grace. Variegated aspidistra leaves frame the flowers and the bunny, their broad leaves and striped pattern providing a striking contrast to the soft pinks and whites.

Presented in a simple yet elegant white container, Floppy Bunny is a perfect gift to celebrate a new arrival. It brings together the comfort of a stuffed animal and the natural beauty of flowers, making it a delightful addition to any nursery and a memorable gift for new parents.

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