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Trias Flowers

Posted by triasflowers on May 28, 2018 Flowers

The Best Way To Honor Your Besties? Flowers.

Our most cherished friends are getting their due on June 8, designated Best Friend’s Day. Trias Flowers sees this as an opportunity to select from spring’s beautiful flowers, which happen to share many of the qualities our besties do: lovely, bright, cheerful and fragrant, to boot. The season’s riches give you a range to choose from, including all colors of the rainbow and a variety of textures and vibes. Since we know our BFFs so well, it’s not only possible to customize something to their tastes but fun.

Consider the effect our¬†Spring Impressions¬†design would have on your bestie, the smile of delight, the instant move to touch each flower. This piece is like spring in a vase, but it also communicates all of the feelings of affection and admiration you have for this special person in your life. Start a new tradition of giving flowers every June 8 and have fun tailoring your gift to the recipient. In our opinion, flowers for friendship are some of the most meaningful to give. They’re both a tribute and a reminder of how special some relationships can be.

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