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Asters for September

asterAsters offer a robust finale to the summer flower season like no other bloom. They brilliantly usher in the fall season, radiating in colors like red, gold, yellow, orange and rust. They also bloom in rich shades of pink, lavender and blue as well as pristine white.

Asters thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Cutting them back in early summer causes even more flowers to bloom in autumn. They attract a bounty of wildlife including pollinators like bees and colorful butterflies. Hummingbirds are also drawn to the aster, probably because of its showy colors and large size. Flower lovers are drawn to it for these reasons as well.

The Star of Autumn

“Aster” is derived from the Latin word for “star,” and this flower is certainly the star of many gardens, bouquets and gifts. This stately bloom can grow as much as six feet tall; however, three to four feet is the average for most aster varieties.
There are two main aster classifications: New York and New England. They are quite similar and can be hard to tell apart; however, the New York aster isn’t as tall as the New England, and the New York variety has a thinner stem along with smoother leaves. All aster varieties are quite easy to maintain and stay lush for weeks even in a cut bouquet when kept well hydrated.

Asters bring a veritable symphony of color to gift bouquets as well as flower gardens. Consider these beautiful aster gift ideas for yourself or someone you love:


A Rainbow Present

A Rainbow Present bouquet combines the richness of purple asters with yellow Asiatic lilies, green and purple cushion spray chrysanthemums, orange roses, yellow spray roses and fresh greenery in a charming bouquet delivered in a striped gift box. The decorative package features water-resistant blue and green tissue paper along with matching ribbon streamer accents.


A Perfectly Purple Present

The Perfectly Purple Present is an exquisite arrangement including pink and purple asters along with lavender roses, lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums, purple limonium, pink spray roses and fresh greenery accents. This arrangement is delivered in a precious lavender gift box with water-resistant lavender and pink tissue and matching lavender ribbon.

Asters can lift the spirits and make an amazing gift for yourself or those you care about. Consider sending asters for any late summer or autumn occasion, and contact Tria’s Flowers to place your order.