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Get In the Spirit Of The Season With Edible Flowers!

A fabulous way to welcome fall and usher in the spirit of the season is with a dinner party that includes plenty of seasonal offerings. From the food to the decor, bring fall into focus for your guests with recipes containing edible flowers and gorgeous fall floral arrangements as centerpieces. Trias Flowers suggests some of our favorite designs and recipes to make your next dinner party a hit. Read More about Get In the Spirit Of The Season With Edible Flowers! »
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Bouquets for Beautiful Summer Tables

It's summer in Miami, and life is lived outdoors - from swimming in the pool to parties at the beach, we love celebrating the paradise we call home. And one of our favorite pastimes of summer is getting together for long, lazy evenings with friends and family. Whether a sophisticated dinner or fun-filled picnic, dining with friends is a summer tradition. This year, add a little beauty, elegance, and color to your summer tables, with bouquets and arrangements from Trias Flowers. Keep your flowers bright and fresh - vivid summer hues do best with unique presentations that allow for them to be in shade or resting in water. Keep your flowers hydrated, and they'll keep your party gorgeous.  Read More about Bouquets for Beautiful Summer Tables »
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Shining a Light on Dog Rescue

Now in its 10th year, National Puppy Day is a grassroots initiative aimed at educating the public about several issues affecting both puppies and older dogs across the country. With approximately 4 million dogs and puppies being surrendered to shelters each year, these facilities simply cannot handle the sheer volume of animals that come to their doorsteps. Colleen Paige, the pet activist also responsible for National Dog Day and National Cat Day, established this day to shine a light on overpopulation, irresponsible pet ownership, for-profit breeding, and the need for adoptive families. On March 23rd, organizers hope that people will be moved to adopt a puppy from a shelter or make a donation to help with their expenses. At Trias Flowers, we also think that this is a great opportunity for animal lovers to thank the workers and volunteers who tirelessly pursue a new life for these helpless animals.  Read More about Shining a Light on Dog Rescue »
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Pet Costume Contest

CELEBRATE YOUR PET’S CUTENESS! Enter our Pet Costume Photo Contest by October 30th for a chance to win a gift basket overflowing with delectable, gourmet treats!   HOW TO ENTER ONLINE: 1. Follow our link and click the… Read More about Pet Costume Contest »
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Flower Fun for Homecoming!

After spirit week and the big homecoming game, the event most anticipated by students is the traditional homecoming dance. While some high schools keep the homecoming dance informal, an occasion to attend with friends, many make homecoming an opportunity to… Read More about Flower Fun for Homecoming! »
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