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Mom Deserves the Best Flowers – Here’s Where You Can Find Them

Mother’s Day is one of our favorite days of the year to treat mom with the best flowers and show her how much she is appreciated. Mothers, grandmoms, aunts, fur mommas, mom friends, and other inspiring mother figures in our… Read More about Mom Deserves the Best Flowers – Here’s Where You Can Find Them »
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Honor Mom With a Captivating Design

The month of May is just around the corner, and with its arrival comes Mother’s Day. It is time to celebrate the special ladies in your life! What better way to honor those amazing moms than a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Let the floral designers at Trias Flowers work their magic on an impressive arrangement just for your mother, mother-in-law or mother of your children. She will appreciate the effort of the floral designers and sheer beauty of the flowers! Read More about Honor Mom With a Captivating Design »
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Selecting The Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother's Day is May 13th, and Trias Flowers can personally vouch for it as being one of the biggest---if not the biggest---flower event of the year. Millions of Americans will be putting the most beautiful blooms they can find in the hands of the mothers in their lives, looking for that perfect piece to express so many sentiments and to make their recipient feel as cherished as possible. It's no easy feat, finding a design that is responsible for speaking to how we feel about our mothers. But every good florist will have multiple arrangements on hand that do just that, and we're no different. Read More about Selecting The Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers »
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Flowers for Mother’s Day

Your mom is amazing. One-of-a-kind. The best mom in the world! And as such, we think that she has earned the most beautiful flowers for Mother's Day, delivered right to her home or office. Trias Flowers has assembled a collection of gorgeous floral designs that you won't find anywhere else in Miami, and we are excited to share them with you. After all, we've been delivering on Mother's Day since 1912 - you can rely on us to provide the freshest flowers, unique designs, and professional customer service. A Bit of History: Anna Jarvis was the woman who spearheaded the idea of Mother's Day here in the United States. After years working to get the government to recognize the day, it was finally established n 1908. However, decades later she tried to have the holiday abolished, claiming that it had become too commercial.  Read More about Flowers for Mother’s Day »
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TV Mom Showdown

Some of the greatest TV moms were laid back, others were a bit overbearing, a few taught us lessons with their animated (literally) personalities, and so many of them tried just a little too hard to be… Read More about TV Mom Showdown »
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