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Tips for Sending Your Condolences with Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersLosing a friend or loved one is a sad transition, and one of the best things we can do is take time to celebrate and honor the life they lived. Whether we are able to attend the funeral service or not, we can still send the family our good wishes for comfort. One of the most beautiful and meaningful ways to send condolences is with sympathy flowers.

While there are some traditional flowers and arrangements that are always appreciated, it’s also possible to break with tradition while paying respect to those we have lost. Here are some tips and ideas for sending condolences with sympathy flowers:

Traditional White Sympathy Flowers

Lilies, roses and carnations are some of the most popular flowers for expressing sympathy and condolences. The impact of these flowers in a sympathy arrangement is heightened when the flowers are all-white, but colors are excellent for expressing sentiments about the nature of your relationship with the departed. An All White Spray arrangement is classically white, with tasteful, lavish and lush white lilies, roses, orchids and hydrangeas.

The Pure Elegance bouquet is another beautiful way to express your condolences about the loss of a friend or loved one. This arrangement is overflowing with white roses and casablanca lilies as well as tasteful greens. The color white is spiritual, elegant and respectful, and it’s always appropriate for a sympathy gift.

Say it with Color

You can also break with tradition and send a colorful floral gift. Reds and other deep hues can convey a profound love relationship, while colors like orange and yellow express fondness and friendship. Pastel colors offer a more subdued and subtle way to bring color to the proceedings. Flowers like roses, carnations and asters lend themselves to bringing a splash of color to your gift of condolences.

Go Bold and Exotic

While lilies and roses are always in style for sympathy gifts, you can also break with tradition with more exotic flowers to honor someone who was truly unique. Flowers like orchids, birds of paradise and anthurium bring the warm energy of a tropical island, and the Tropical Island Basket features all three of these beautiful blooms.

Orchids all on their own can make a beautiful statement as well, and an All Orchids arrangement strikes the perfect note with its white cymbidium orchids along with purple dendrobium orchids artfully blended together.

Sympathy flowers are the perfect way to send your condolences and honor the passing of a treasured individual. Contact Tria’s Flowers to order any of the arrangements discussed above.