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Celebrating Miami Weddings

Miami weddingsHere in Miami, the fact that February is National Wedding Month makes perfect sense – after all, we can enjoy a sunny and warm wedding day all year round! But our friends around the country may wonder why a month in the dead of winter is singled out to celebrate wedding days, especially given that it ranks fairly low on the list of top months for weddings. (June, August, and September are the top 3). Turns out, there are a number of great reasons to recognize weddings during the month of February, and the experts at Trias Flowers are here to let you in on some industry knowledge. miami weddings

Why You Need to Book a Wedding Florist Early: There are approximately 2.4 million weddings per year. That means that on any given weekend, there are upwards to 50,000 weddings happening. There is bound to be some competition for the top venues, florists, and caterers. Call us as soon as you know the date of your event so that we can get to work on your special day!
miami weddings

Some feel that February was chosen as National Wedding Month because it is the epitome of romance. Valentine’s Day is a big day for romantic gestures, and every year nearly 6 million couples get engaged on that day. The romance continues with the fact that February 14th is one of the most popular days of the year for brides and grooms to tie the knot, regardless of the day of the week that the holiday falls on. And year after year, all those Valentine weddings add up to a lot of Valentine anniversaries! Incidentally, if you are one of those couples who walked down the aisle on this iconic day, experts have a suggestion regarding your yearly celebration – be sure to celebrate Valentine’s Day and your anniversary as two separate events – or at least with two bouquets or floral designs! It is important to never lose the significance of either event.
miami weddingsThe most likely reason for February being named National Wedding Month, however, is simply one of planning. Since an overwhelming number of couples get engaged over Christmas and New Year’s, they settle into serious planning in the February time frame. If you are a participant in one of the thousands of Miami weddings being planned this year, call Trias Flowers now to book Miami’s premier florist.