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Celebrating the New Year with Flowers

Christmas is over, shutterstock_229555180but the same can’t be said of all the celebrating that people typically do over this holiday season. Whether you’ve got out of town family who are staying through the end of the year, have an annual gathering for friends and neighbors, or just want to be prepared in case someone decides to stop by, the best way to spruce up your house is by some fresh seasonal flowers. If you are going to someone else’s house for a New Year’s party, a wintry flower arrangement is a lovely host or hostess gift, and something that will brighten their house and enliven the New Year festivities.


Winter Snowflakes

Since the New Year holiday is always in the heart of winter, why not create that winter feeling with flowers? When you’re lucky enough to live in a spectacularly warm and sunny place like Miami, you’re probably thanking your lucky stars that you don’t have to worry about the winter cold, snow and ice that people in other parts of the country do. Here at Trias Flowers, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you a large selection of flower arrangements we’ve created specifically for the New Year.

Enjoy the illusion of Winter Snowflakes without having to actually experience the real thing. We’ve created a fun and festive winter flower arrangement that includes white hydrangeas and cymbidium orchids, silver eucalyptus and monstera, with accents of glittery silver vine balls, silver leather leaf, winter evergreen accents and an elegant silver bow, all of which are attractively arranged in a silver mercury vase that can be used again.


Gold Cache

Golden Holiday is another festive winter arrangement that would be perfect as a centerpiece. Ring in the New Year with a gold-colored rectangular container that is filled with Bells of Ireland, white roses, hydrangeas and snapdragons, gold-edged pine cones, shiny gold ornament balls, all neatly arranged with accents of variegated holly leaves and fragrant evergreen branches.

Gold Cache Surprise and delight someone when you arrive at their New Year’s Eve party, or bling out your coffee table, end tables or anywhere else where you want to encourage celebrating. This lovely little arrangement is aptly named for the type of container the flowers are placed in. White hydrangeas and white roses are nestled among festive holiday greenery, including pine and holly sprigs, a fancy gold bow, and shiny gold ball-shaped ornaments to create a look that invites you to celebrate.