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Colorful July Birthdays

july birthdaysDuring the summer, there are many ways to be inspired when celebrating birthdays – from the beauty of nature to the colors of the season and the aura of summer. In July, the fiery color of the ruby birthstone and the cool hue of the birth flower delphinium are contrasting influences that reflect the range of possibility for beautiful bouquets. At Trias Flowers, we use both of these symbols of July birthdays as inspiration to create floral bouquets and arrangements that are true works of art.

july birthdaysThe delphinium is a graceful and delicate flower well loved by gardeners, and popular for usage in summer bouquets. As the July birth flower, it’s meanings include striving for and reaching goals, as well as keeping a positive outlook on life. It is also rumored to protect the recipient from evil. While many florists relegate the delphinium to filler and stock positions, here at Trias we love to elevate this beautiful flower to a showcase bloom. Along with another seasonal favorite blue hydrangea, we add white roses and bear grass for an elegant display that is a perfect representation of the clear blue Miami skies.

If you prefer fire to ice, Trias designers have an equally artistic arrangement that celebrates the birthstone of July, the ruby. Rubies have long been cherished for their passion and excitement; the gemstone is known as the “king of stones” and was traditionally the choice of rulers and royalty for its rumored powers of protection. Like the delphinium, the ruby was considered a talisman against evil. This beautiful display from Trias’ professional florists emulates a perfect ruby stone in a “setting” of hydrangea and orchids and would make a wonderful July birthday gift.

july birthdaysThis month, give your loved ones a work of art from our flower shop. Brilliant red, serene blue or a little of both – this summer, the most gorgeous birthday gifts are at Trias Flowers.