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Trias Flowers

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On The Counter or On The Desk, It’s All About Orchids!

orchidsWhether a customer is looking for the perfect gift or a decoration for their home or office, orchids are a popular way to go. These stunning flowers come in a wide range of choices, with just about every imaginable color and size available. This diverse family has been found on every continent (excluding Antarctica) and in nearly every climate, so there is something for everyone.

Orchids are also relatively low maintenance plants and easy to keep healthy. They only require water every 5 to 12 days, moderate sunlight, and a bit of orchid fertilizer about once a month. If the leaves look healthy and the plant is flowering according to its specific species’ schedule, then owners can be confident that their plant is perfectly healthy.

There are many uses for orchids, as some people will use them to add to their homes or offices while others find them to be the perfect gift.

Here are some fabulous ways to use these flowers around the house.

  • Use deep, richly colored flowers for the perfect centerpiece in the dining room. Reds and blues should work well whether the rest of the color scheme is light or dark.
  • Use some light, airy colors, such as whites, pinks, or yellows, in the kitchen or living room. The color will help the room come alive while complementing the rest of the decor.
  • Add an orchid to a fireplace mantel or other decorative shelving. The beauty of the flower will help to draw the gaze.
  • Add an orchid of nearly any color to the desk at work. The beauty of the flower is sure to lighten the mood and relieve the stress of anyone working near it.

Gifting ideas

While the beauty of the orchid flower means that it can be an appropriate gift for nearly any occasion, there are certain times when the plant really stands out as the perfect idea for the occasion. The birth of a new baby or when a couple announces the impending birth of their child is one example. Orchids have had a strong association with fertility and childbirth for generations, which means that they work extremely well as gifts during these joyful periods.

Orchids are also wonderful for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. In addition to being associated with beauty and love, they also have a long lifespan, increasing the symbolism of the gift.

Orchids work well as home decorations and gifts because of their ease of care, beauty, and unique appearance. Take the time to find the perfect orchid for a home or for a loved one and enjoy all that these flowers have to offer.