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60 Meaningful Reasons to Send and Receive Beautiful Blooms “Just Because”

Giving flowers on holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, or on birthdays, is a longstanding tradition for many of us. But at Trias Flowers, the premier flower shop in Miami, Florida, we believe in surprising your loved ones with fresh stems any day of the year “just because.” Forget about the calendar because there are many reasons to share your gratitude, proclaim your appreciation, and speak your love loudly.

Let the language of flowers do the talking for you, whether it’s spreading cheer with daffodils, surprising a dear friend with chrysanthemums, or conveying “I love you” with the world’s favorite flower, roses. Combine the arrangement with a card message from the heart, and you’ll make an ordinary day an exceptional one.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. Your engagement anniversary is coming up
  2. You have a milestone birthday on the horizon
  3. You make your partner a healthy lunch every day 
  4. You clean the litter box every day without being asked
  5. You got through the super busy season at work
  6. You took care of reorganizing all of your closets
  7. You’ve been working hard in therapy and had a breakthrough
  8. You help your partner learn a new language every day
  9. You had a tiff with a family member and need to be cheered up
  10. You ran a 5K and broke your own record
  11. You transformed a broken-down piece of furniture into a beautiful piece
  12. You got the kids tucked in and read them a story all week
  13. You’re back to 100% after COVID-19
  14. You can’t go to a big party and it’s giving you FOMO
  15. You cooked your partner’s most beloved recipe

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They have loved you unconditionally since the day you were born
  2. They helped you pay off your student loans
  3. They co-signed on your new apartment without hesitation
  4. They keep your room ready for you whenever you visit
  5. They did a solid for your sibling and you’re grateful
  6. You finished a series that reminded you of your mother
  7. You had to change a tire and your father taught you well
  8. You want to say thank you for their hospitality
  9. They followed doctor’s orders and it paid off
  10. They were able to set up their new home entertainment system by themselves
  11. They were able to retire and it’s cause for celebration
  12. They helped you file your taxes on time
  13. They sampled a cuisine they’d never had before
  14. They were kind to someone they didn’t know and you’re proud of them
  15. You love your parents just the way they are

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. They stopped seeing a problematic ex for good
  2. They had a new bundle of you and you’re thrilled for them
  3. They were a massive help with your last move and you want to say thank you
  4. They were approved for an apartment they wanted
  5. They knocked it out of the park with your last birthday gift
  6. They were able to pay their student loans off — finally
  7. They have been sober for an inspiring amount of time
  8. They finally came out to their parents and you want to show your support
  9. They helped foster a pet and secured it new guardians
  10. They are grieving the loss of someone they care about
  11. You want them to know how much you value their friendship 
  12. You couldn’t have quit smoking without their help
  13. They got a poem published in a book
  14. You want to brighten up their chemo journey
  15. You love them to the moon and back

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. You took the time to reorganize your closet and purged a ton of stuff
  2. You were finally able to do a pull-up and feel amazing
  3. You always get bummed after the holidays and want to cheer yourself up
  4. Your boss told you that you’re doing a great job
  5. You studied a new language every day for a year
  6. You finished your grad school application
  7. You mastered a difficult baking recipe
  8. You successfully revamped your filing system
  9. The weather is gray and blah and you want some color
  10. You need to up the ante on your decor for a surprise party
  11. You want things to look perfect during a visit from the in-laws
  12. You found a lost wallet and got it to its owner
  13. Your favorite influencer reacted to your photo
  14. You finally kicked your soda habit
  15. You felt good about who you saw in the mirror

Whether with a bouquet showcasing their flowers of choice or an arrangement with significant symbolism, there’s always a reason to express love, appreciation, and cheer with fresh blooms “just because.” At Trias Flowers, we’re here to help you turn everyday moments into festive celebrations.