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Trias Flowers

Posted by triasflowers on April 9, 2018 Uncategorized

In a Desktop Rut? Try Plants and Flowers

Administrative Professionals Week is the last full week in April. In addition to being a time to honor those who make workplaces run smoothly and efficiently, it’s also the ideal week to assess your current desktop situation. Do you love it, or has it become bland and boring? Trias Flowers can help.

Few things brighten a room or environment like flowers, and we have an abundance of styles, colors and combinations. Do you have good “Desktop Awareness”? Spring and Administrative Professionals Day are the best time to cultivate it and get out of your desktop rut once and for all.

desktop garden adds a little bit of greenery to your work environment and can help to bring some peace and serenity into even the most chaotic and busy of days. For a more eye-catching and energizing effect, consider adding our double orchid plant or any of our other orchid options. Orchids bring a mysterious, almost otherworldly element to a space, which can help to fuel creativity, innovation and motivation at work.

How is your “Desktop Awareness”? Are you tuned in to what’s best for your focus and motivation at work, or is your desktop environment in a rut? Count on Trias Flowers for ideas and inspiration to help take your work area from ordinary to uplifting.