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Posted by triasflowers on July 9, 2017 Flowers Summer

Elegant Hydrangea Floral Designs

hydrangea floral designs

The elegant hydrangea rarely gets top billing. Instead, this beautiful and lavish flower provides one of the most common backdrops for spring and summer floral arrangements. With delicate petals and pleasing color palettes, it is no wonder that it blends so well with virtually every other flower – but this month, the experts at Trias Flowers would like to bring the hydrangea to the forefront and introduce you directly to this versatile bloom.
hydrangea floral designs

There are over 75 varieties of hydrangea in the world, and it is cultivated in countries from the Far East to the United States. Still, the great majority of these flowers exhibit one of two major color palettes – blues and pinks. The color of each flower is determined by the pH level of the soil it is grown in. For instance, soil with a low pH will be acidic, and produce blue hydrangea flowers; while soil with a high pH will be alkaline, and produce pink flowers.

Additional colors of hydrangea are available, most notably white and green. However, both of these colors occur largely due to loss of pigmentation in the petals as a result of maturity or variations in light exposure.

Hydrangeas are one of the few flowers in the world that produce a true blue flower naturally. One of the others in the blue delphinium, which is the official birth flower for July.

hydrangea floral designsHydrangeas are rarely seen on their own, but usually provide a soft bed for roses or lilies, as well as other blooms in mixed arrangements. Their full flowers create a sense of lavishness in bouquets, and their lovely colors blend with virtually every variety of flower – therefore you will find many hydrangea floral designs in our collections.

To add an air of summer to your home decor, consider adding some beautiful hydrangea. For ideas on the perfect bouquets and arrangements, give Trias Flowers a call. We are dedicated to making Miami more beautiful, one design at a time.

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