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Flower Fun for Homecoming!

After spirit week and the big homecoming game, the event most anticipated by students is the traditional homecoming dance. While some high schools keep the homecoming dance informal, an occasion to attend with friends, many make homecoming an opportunity to dress up and arrive with a date. If your homecoming dance has been scheduled as a formal or semi-formal occasion, you will want to be prepared with flowers for your date. At Trias Flowers, Weddings, & Events, we have a wide selection of corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets available, so you can let us handle the formalities, while you enjoy an unforgettable homecoming celebration.

Corsages – When it comes to flowers for formal dances, the corsage is the main event. A corsage should match your date’s dress for the night. So, be sure to find out what color she plans to wear in advance. If you are not sure what type or color of flower will complement her outfit, our florist can help you select a neutral corsage. Corsages are designed either in a wrap to pin to a gown or on a band to be worn on the wrist. Asking your date which she prefers is best. If you are uncertain, select a wrist corsage in case your date does not want to pin anything to the delicate fabric of her dress. Often lace, pearls, ribbons, or rhinestones embellish corsages. When selecting a corsage for your date, you will want to make sure you pick an arrangement as beautiful as she is.

Boutonnieres – In comparison to corsages, boutonnieres feature relatively minimalistic arrangements, usually incorporating a small embellishment like a sprig of baby’s breath with a single rose or bud.  For a non-traditional type of fellow, consider a unique boutonniere which uses a flower other than roses such as white orchids. Boutonnieres are designed to pin to the lapel of your date’s sport coat, so you should choose a color which will coordinate well with his shirt or tie.

Bouquets – If you really want to do something special for your date, bring a small bouquet or a full sized bouquet of flowers as a gift. Our junior bouquets feature wrapped stems, so your date can bring the bouquet along for the evening, and then hang them to dry and enjoy for years to come.

If you will attend the homecoming dance with friends, get together to do a flower exchange, so no one will be without a beautiful floral accent on the big night. Enjoy the dance!