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Gather Ye Rosebuds

When you live in south Florida, you get to enjoy glorious weather all year. And we also get to see an abundance of spectacular blooming flowers all around us every time we step outside. How often do you bring flowers into your home or workplace? The Trias Flowers team believes that having flowers in our indoor spaces is just as important as it is to have them outdoors. And we encourage you to do just that.

Spring Basket Butterfly Colorful RusticWhile our neighbors to the north are worried about things like freezing rain, avalanches, and Nor’easters, we bask in the sunshine and warm temperatures. We encourage you to crank up the heat (figuratively, of course), inside your home or office with the warmth of our Spring Butterfly Basket. We chose a wicker basket as the vessel for this arrangement which we fill with a variety of colorful spring flowers. We add curly willow, and some butterfly accents. We deliberately looked for flowers you’re unlikely or less likely to see throughout the South Florida landscape. This gives you the chance to enjoy the tropical flowers that thrive in our climate while you’re outside, and enjoy these fragrant spring beauties while you indoors.

If a springtime butterfly basket doesn’t suit your fancy, that’s okay because the Trias Flowers experienced floral design team is always working on coming up with the most fabulous cut flower arrangements we can create. You can always count on us to help you choose or customize a flower arrangement, whether it be a gift for someone – or a gift to yourself.