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Personalized Presents to Show Your Love for the Father Figures in Your Life

This Father’s Day, let’s give back to all of the awesome men — the fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, and mentors — who form the solid foundation of our families. They provide for us, protect us, guide us, support us wholeheartedly, and share a bond of friendship with us that’s unbreakable. That’s why we’re so ready to show our thanks in the most sincere ways possible. Thankfully, Trias Flowers in Miami, Florida has a wide range of customizable gifts and experiences that promise to be joyful and memorable for years to come.

Give the Garden Dad an Experience That Celebrates Nature’s Beauty

Gardening is seriously magical; seeds turn into food and flowers with just a bit of care. So for the dads who love their time in the garden, they’ll absolutely adore a DIY flower arranging class, especially if it’s an experience you share. It’s a unique opportunity to get crafty with nature and create something special and personalized, like a striking kitchen table arrangement. It’s a wonderful way to bond and spend time together, too.

Honor the Golf Dad’s Obsession With His Favorite Sport

Surprise your dad with a bouquet that captures the spirit of his favorite pastime: golf! He’ll be thrilled to see that you’ve chosen a bouquet that speaks directly to his passion instead of another set of golf balls. Each bloom can represent a different aspect of the golf course, from the lush greenway to the elegant landscaping. It bridges his passion for golf with a classic expression of gratitude, creating a Father’s Day memory that’s as unique as it is meaningful.

Surprise the Sunday Brunch Dad With Artisanal Gifts

Many dads hold Sundays close to their hearts — especially those who live for having family brunch after going to church (or spending quiet time in spiritual reflection at their home). Gathering with loved ones for a communal meal recharges his batteries and prepares him for the week ahead. Surprise your Sunday brunch dad this Father’s Day with an artisanal, bespoke present — he’ll be super moved! In need of some gift inspo? Our gift shop is here to help. Pro-tip: Make his day even brighter by footing the brunch bill.

Give the Gourmet Dad What He Really Wants

For those kitchens always stocked with Swiss chocolate, the purest olive oil, and an assortment of fancy meats and cheeses, there’s definitely a gourmet dad doing the shopping. He’s the kind of guy who values quality and taste, and what better way to celebrate his palate than with a gift basket filled with his foodie favorites? Whether he leans more towards sweet or savory, this is the present he’s been craving. Chances are he’ll be excited to share this yummy culinary haul with you, too.

Bring the Outdoors Inside For the Camping Dad

Disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature on boating and hiking adventures with loved ones? That’s 100 percent the camping dad’s favorite way to spend time. Bring the outdoors in this Father’s Day with a gift that grows: a fresh green or lush flowering plant. It will remind him of the sunny days spent with his family as he cares for it, nurturing memories of nature’s tranquility and beauty at home.

This Father’s Day, go beyond the ordinary with a gift that perfectly captures the essence of your dad’s personality. With the diverse offerings at Trias Flowers, you’re sure to find something that he’ll cherish.

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