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The History of Mother’s Day

mother's dayThe sentiment behind Mother’s Day is not a new one – we have esteemed and honored the matriarchs of our families from the very earliest of civilizations. The artwork and literature of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures prove this point, but unlike some of our traditions, our modern day Mother’s Day probably does not have any connection to these ancient rituals. A more likely genesis of the idea came from the Catholic calendar – “Mothering Sunday” occurred during the last weekend of Lent, and was originally established as a day for people to return to their home – or “mother” church. Perhaps for no other reason than the name itself, people slowly began to give their own mothers small tokens of appreciation on this day.

mother's dayHowever, it was a woman named Anna Jarvis who championed what we now know as Mother’s Day. The initiative was suggested in 1908 and established as a national calendar holiday in 1914 – quite an accomplishment for a grass roots effort. However, many years later, Anna Jarvis campaigned to have the holiday removed from observance, claiming that the overly commercialized holiday was not what she had in mind. It is true that Mother’s Day drives a lot of purchasing activity – cards and candy to flowers. However, Mother’s Day is likely not going anywhere, as it is a cherished opportunity to tell our moms – and those who have been like mothers to us – that they are special and deserve special recognition.

mother's dayMother’s Day is the second Sunday in May. From traditional pink roses, which represent appreciation, to more extravagant orchid arrangements which speak to elegant beauty; Trias Flowers offers many ways to thank her for all she has done for you, and all she means to you. Consider a gift of beautiful fresh cut flowers to be delivered for Mother’s Day. Place your order soon to ensure your choice of arrangement is still available.