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The Best Friendship Week Flowers

friendship weekDo you count many people as your friends or do you have just a few special people in your life? We all approach friendship differently, but one way we can all celebrate is during Friendship Week with a gift of flowers from Trias Flowers.

Celebrated in the third week of August, Friendship Week is an extension of Friendship Day, which has spread around the world in the last century as a day for friends to share gifts and time with one another.

What Flowers are Best for Friendship Week?

The great thing about Friendship Week is that you can choose absolutely any flower for your friend, and in almost any color of the rainbow. Many people think tulips are a beautiful symbol of friendship, and others think daisies might be the best symbol of friendship.

In “You’ve Got Mail,” Meg Ryan asks, “Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?” Imagine surprising your friend with a happy mug of daisies and yellow roses.

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Be Happy

Even though you might associate roses with love, they’re a beautiful way to show friendship when you give them in colors like yellow, pink, and orange. Imagine a cheerful basket of pink roses and gorgeous hydrangea.

Fun Activities for Friendship Week

After your best friend receives her beautiful arrangement of hydrangeas and roses, you might think about planning an activity if you’re in the same area. If you’re both busy with family and work and there’s not a lot of time to spare, brunch at a restaurant is an easy way to get caught up with current events.

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Of course, if you’re on the other side of the country from one of your good friends, that’s when flowers come in particularly handy since you can have your florist include a card from you with the flowers when they’re delivered.

Friendship Week is the perfect time to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in years, and to let your good friends know they’re a welcome part of your life.