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Pair One of These Treasures with Flowers

A blushing and clustered arrangement of pink roses, pink cymbidium orchids, pink mini callas and pink filler in a square vase.

Lover’s Knot

You already know you are going to have flowers included in your next gift to that someone special in your life. After all, flowers smell great, look great, and provide that touch of luxury which everyone loves. So if you are wondering what type of gift to include with flowers, look no further, because here at Trias Flowers, Miami’s best florist, we’ve got you covered!

First, choose a stunning bouquet of gorgeous flowers from our large selection of quality, fresh blooms, then select a unique gift from our catalog. Next, peruse the list of great gifts items that pair perfectly with flowers we have listed for you below. Like we said, we’ve got you covered!

Best Romantic Gifts to Include with Flowers

Romantic Home-Made Dinner

A table set for two with candles, a delicious meal made with love, and a gorgeous vase of fresh, fragrant flowers is a romantic night in the making. Pairing beautiful fresh blooms with a delicious meal, either home-cooked or from her favorite restaurant, is a superb combo that will impress anyone.

Bottles of perfume with flowers on white background

Her Favorite Perfume

Just as flowers have a sweet, lovely scent, so too does perfume. A woman’s favorite perfume makes her feel sexy, confident, and beautiful. Receiving perfume with beautiful flowers is a one-two combo that will hit the jackpot every time.

Artisanal Chocolates

The taste of hand-crafted, high-quality chocolate can produce a feeling of euphoria, just like basking in the beauty and enchanting aromas of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Together, it’s an explosion of euphoria.

Fine Jewelry

Diamonds are an excellent gift to pair with flowers. The contrast of soft, delicate, fragrant petals with hard, brilliant, and long-lasting diamonds creates a mystical, romantic, and wonderful sensation.

Nice Bottle of Wine

When done with a little forethought, a gift of wine and flowers is difficult to beat. The wine must, of course, be stellar and the blooms should be fresh, lush, and fragrant. While sipping on an aromatic, sweet, or bold, wine, savor the notes while also breathing in the scent of the flowers and visually take in their beauty which will be made all the more glorious by a perfect glass of wine.