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Choosing the Best Blooms for Your International Women’s Day Celebration

International Women’s Day, an annual observance on March 8, encourages us to acknowledge the significant women in our lives and worldwide. Their work, along with the enduring support of our communities, empower us to pursue our aspirations and overcome our obstacles. This day also allows us to amplify significant voices and address essential issues that inform our beliefs and perspectives. To demonstrate your support on IWD, send fresh flowers in the day’s colors — green (hope), white (purity), and purple (justice, dignity, and loyalty to the cause) — to those who have paved the way for you. At Trias Flowers in Miami, Florida, we’re here to assist you in conveying gratitude, love, and recognition with an arrangement that honors the figures most inspiring to you.


Roses are esteemed in the realm of flowers for their inherent beauty and ability to express a broad spectrum of meaning and emotion. They hold global appeal, making them a perfect gift option on International Women’s Day. Your selection of flower tones enables you to send a message through the language of color. Or, you can choose blooms in the designated IWD colors for a one-size-fits-all flower arrangement. Regardless of your approach, your kind gesture is guaranteed to make your recipient smile on this significant day.


Choosing tulips as a present for the people you hold in high esteem on International Women’s Day is a wonderful gesture. Tulips are symbols of gratitude, charity, and renewal, offering a heartfelt way to show you recognize their contributions. The diverse shapes of tulips reflect the multifaceted achievements of women making significant strides worldwide. With so many colors available, you can send various messages, from conveying admiration through red blooms to symbolizing friendship with the sunny charm of yellow tulips. Moreover, the early timing of their bloom aligns with the season, bringing a joyful energy that means brighter days are ahead.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are a fitting choice for International Women’s Day, honoring those who’ve positively impacted our lives and supported our successes. Beyond their bright colors and cheery appearance, gerbera daisies symbolize the strength and strength found in women and their allies worldwide. The rows of their petals reflect each woman’s talents, achievements, and diverse traits. Including gerbera daisies in a bouquet conveys sincere admiration, acknowledges valuable contributions, and shows gratitude for everything the recipient brings to the table.


Peonies are representatives of prosperity, making them a fitting addition to flower bouquets on International Women’s Day. They can draw in success and make the odds favorable for you, ensuring positive results. With their remarkable vase longevity, peonies prolong your enjoyment of the arrangement. Their sturdy blooms evoke women’s passionate spirit and the long-lasting, positive changes they make in their communities. Additionally, peonies emanate compassion, respect, and love, representing how we feel for the women and supporters we hold in high regard on IWD.


Orchids are a refined way to show those you admire that you care on International Women’s Day. With a diverse selection of colors and types, you can tailor your gift to match their style and personality. Whether an elegant phalaenopsis or a spirited oncidium plant, their modern and minimalist charm effortlessly integrates into any environment. Alternatively, you can select an orchid bouquet for someone who appreciates an arrangement of cut flowers more. Whichever way you go, it’s a meaningful way to express your gratitude for their contributions on this significant day.

Mimosa Flower

Mimosa flowers embody sensibility, sensitivity, and strength and are the flower of choice for International Women’s Day due to their meaningful connotations. Also named silver wattle, mimosa flowers bring radiance to any bouquet of blooms. However, you can summon that lively energy with different stems as well. For instance, when accompanied by accent blooms like wax flower, gold aster, yellow alstroemeria, goldenrod, and greenery, yellow chrysanthemums create a lush and beautiful composition. As a bonus benefit, these flowers represent joy, trust, and friendship. Or, you can select yellow daisies as a focal point to tick off the same boxes.

At Trias Flowers, we believe in the significance of giving flowers to the people we wish to celebrate on International Women’s Day. It’s not just a gift; it’s a meaningful statement that shows acknowledgment, support, and gratitude for women and their supporters.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day