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Start Self Care September With A New Plant

Restoring balance and centering ourselves can sometimes be a challenge. Employing a few acts of self-care when stress levels are high or time with family and friends seems non-existent can make a world of difference to your sense of well-being. Try improving your immediate environment with live foliage for a quick update and a calming, refreshing atmosphere. Bringing beautiful flowering plants into you space and caring for them can have lasting benefits for your mind, body and soul. Trias Flowers recommends placing a plant you love near where you work to cleanse the air and bring beauty and texture into your field of vision.

Enjoy the beauty of the tropics with a gorgeous Dish Garden with Orchid in a Ceramic Planter. Full of a delightful medley of green plants and colorful orchid plants, this lasting arrangement will bring joy, peace and calm to any room. Treat yourself to a gorgeous display that will improve your overall well-being.

Inspire yourself with a new dish garden or blooming plant and begin to feel like a new person. The professionals at Trias Flowers know how fresh perspective and restored senses always better us. Talk to us about your favorite plants and have them delivered to you in a courteous and professional manner right away!