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The Best Back to School Flowers and Gifts

back to schoolAs you’re walking through the grocery store one day, you see a large display of paper, colorful pencils, and spiral notebooks. The “back to school” season has begun, and it’s time to get the family ready for classes again. Do you have a child starting junior high? Do you know someone going to college? This year, consider giving flowers from Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events for a back-to-school gift.

What Flowers are Beautiful for School?

Roses symbolize love, tulips are often given for anniversaries, and daisies and carnations often show up as gifts between friends. For your back-to-school gift, virtually any flower or basket is appropriate whether it’s a delicious fruit basket for a teacher or a vase of roses.

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The Bird Nest

Do you have a child making the leap from elementary school to junior high? Surprise your student after the first day of school with a beautiful little basket of flowers designed to look like a cute bird nest. Or, consider presenting your student with just a few stems of roses after school as encouragement of the year to come.

For Those Who Teach

Everyone knows someone who teaches whether it’s at the college level, in an elementary school, or as the director of an after-school program. If you have a relative or a friend who’s a teacher, tell them you’re proud of their profession by sending some flowers along when school starts.

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Under the Sea

For a teacher in a traditional classroom, you might think about a beautiful arrangement of cymbidium orchids, which will add color and beauty to the classroom for many months. A desktop plant is also a cheerful way to help a teacher welcome the new school year.

Gifts for Kids Returning to School

Some kids love school, and others aren’t so fond of pencil sharpeners, whiteboards, and textbooks. One simple way to get a young student excited about going back to class is with a personalized gift alongside a small arrangement of flowers.

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Pink Rose Budvase

For example, you might think about school supplies that have been printed with the student’s name. You might fasten a few personalized pencils on a small yet lovely bud vase of roses. Personalized gifts are fun whether your student is ten years old or 20.

When the kids go back to school, it’s a time for parents to breathe a small sigh of relief as the house gets a little quieter for the season, but it’s also a time to offer encouragement for the coming year. A gift of flowers is an easy and effortless way to welcome fall and the back-to-school season.