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The Best Way to Care for Summer Flowers

summer flowersSummer is the time for spending time outside and enjoying the warm air. Between barbeques and swimming, countless people live for summers. One of the best ways to enjoy this warm season is to bring in some fantastic summer flowers. At Tria’s Flowers, we have found that certain flowers look absolutely fantastic for summer. One of our favorites is definitely the sunflower. With its brilliant colors and and bold look, the sunflower looks both playful and gorgeous. Those who love this flower as much as we do should make sure that they know how to take care of it so that it continues to shine.

Preparing a cut sunflower for a vase

We love putting sunflowers into our summertime arrangements. Certain bouquets, such as our Spring Clear Vase with Hydrangea are perfectly complemented by the addition of brilliant sunflowers. The bold color of the bloom perfectly offsets the soft blue of the hydrangea and the rich hues of the alstromerias, stargazers, and other flowers.

summer flowers

Spring Clear Vase w/Hydrangea

Preparing a sunflower for a vase, however, does require a little work. It is important to trim the stems a little while underwater. This will help prevent the stems from getting air bubbles, which can cause the plant to dry out, losing its vibrancy. Once the stems have been trimmed, place the sunflower and the other flowers into a clean vase with fresh water, to which plant food has been added. Make sure that the vase has been recently cleaned to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Change the water every few days to promote nutrition and health for the plants. If possible, try to trim the bottoms of the flowers regularly as well to help the flowers better absorb the nutrients and water. It is also important to make sure that the cut stems are covered by at least 3-4 inches of water.

summer flowers

Sunflower Sensation

Sunflowers will also look beautiful when they are combined with hyperricum red berries and galax leaves, which help to draw the eye to the bright yellow and luscious brown middle. The simplicity of this arrangement helps call to mind the beauty of summer and how lovely the various flowers of the season can be.

Sunflowers are fantastic flowers and beautiful additions to any home or garden.Those who love freshly cut flowers know that these blooms can be perfect for lighting up the interior of a home. Caring for the plants properly will help ensure that they shine and spread their cheer around for all to see.