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Tria’s Flowers – International Women’s Day

women's day

International Women’s Day has been observed for over a century, although it was not adopted officially in America and other western nations until 1977, when the United Nations got behind the initiative. The day first began in Soviet bloc countries as women fought for equal freedoms and civil rights. Over the last 100 years it has come to represent the empowerment of girls and women in all walks of life; and in considered a positive avenue to highlight the struggles of women globally, bringing them to the forefront. With the convergence of many nations in the effort, not only are issues identified, a strategic plan of action can be formulated.


Countless women have made valuable contributions to the American legacy; from Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’ Conner. In education, sports, business and the arts, America has a rich history of female achievement and societal impact. However, some of the most influential women who have shaped our nation are the every day heroes – the mothers, grandmothers, teachers and mentors. Celebrate all the women who are having a positive impact in families and communities by sending a a bouquet of flowers on March 8th .



women's dayFlowers speak their own language. Stop in to speak with Tria’s expert Miami florists to help you to create an arrangement that honors her unique contributions – pink roses denote thankfulness, orchids and alstromeria speak to wealth and prosperity, and palm fronds signify success. There is a flower for every woman, and every distinct way she gives to the world.


On International Women’s Day, Tria’s Flowers offers our greatest esteem to women across the country and the world who make a daily difference. This March 8th, join us in honoring women throughout the years who have fought for equal freedoms and opportunities; and in solidarity, remember those still fighting to change the world .