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What Gifts to Give for Mother’s Day

Mother's DayCelebrated by millions of people around the world each year, Mother’s Day began appearing on calendars around a century ago. However, over the millennia, many celebrations of motherhood have been popular with civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, and early Christians. Today, we honor mothers with gifts and flowers, as well as endearing cards and special meals.

Having Fun with Mother’s Day

As you scan the gifts and cards you might buy for your mom, you’ll probably notice many cards are quite serious and might even feel a little somber. If you’ve never celebrated with your mom in a fun and entertaining way, this might be the year to act like a kid again with Mom.

Can you remember a tradition you had when you were young? Maybe you made pancakes with your dad and gave Mom breakfast in bed. Perhaps you gave her some balloons or chocolate candy each year. Think about repeating a particularly memorable gift from your childhood.

Memories are one of the most important pieces of a mother’s life as she watches her children grow. Your mom will love celebrating as if you were a kid again with the enthusiasm and eagerness of youth. You can even think about getting a fun, colorful card that makes it seem like your mom’s getting a gift from a six-year-old.

Your Mother’s Day Flowers

Your choice of Mother’s Day flowers will usually depend on the relationship of the celebrant to you. Are you giving flowers to your own mother? A beautiful bouquet of tulips in a rainbow of colors is an elegant and cheerful gift to your mom.

Or, if you’re giving flowers to the mother of your children, you might think about the romantic and beautiful symbol of roses. Perhaps a delicate arrangement of pink roses and white hydrangeas, which are some of the most beautiful flowers for a vase arrangement.

Mother's Day

Pink Finesse

You may also want to give flowers to friends who are mothers, or to a woman who is dearly special in your life because of her positive influence on your youth or other qualities that have made her feel like a mother. Carnations, gerbera daisies, and violets are all gorgeous choices.

Let Trias Flowers help you celebrate Mother’s Day this year on May 10, 2015. However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, make sure your gift is a special one that brings the day joy and laughter. The celebration is best experienced as a festive and meaningful event.