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Christmas Flowers featuring green orchids

Holiday Stars

A spectacular Arrangement that features gorgeous Green Cymbidium Orchids, Red Roses, and Red Cherries in a red vase.

Holiday Stars is an arrangement that captures the theatrical drama and beauty of the festive season. Towering at the center are the gorgeous green Cymbidium orchids; each blooms a star in its own right, with a constellation of speckled petals that draw the eye upward, creating a sense of grandeur and height. These orchids are not just flowers; they are a statement, a declaration of luxury and celebration. Their vivid green is the color of life and renewal, a fitting hue for the season of rebirth and joy.

Beneath this canopy of orchid elegance, the classic red roses nestle with a boldness that's both passionate and familiar. They are like the heartbeats of the arrangement, full and velvety, offering a contrast to the exotic orchids above. Their deep red is the color of love and merriment, tying in the traditional colors of the holiday season. Adding a playful note to the sophistication are the red cherries, dotting the arrangement like bright baubles on a Christmas tree. They bring a child-like joy and a dash of whimsy to the ensemble, their glossy red skins reflecting light and happiness.

All of this is set within a red vase, the color of which complements the roses and cherries, grounding the arrangement with a sense of warmth and depth. This vase does not just hold the flowers; it cradles them, enhancing their beauty and tying the whole piece together.

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