Green plants, blooming plants, and orchids for any occasion. Send plants to Miami, Florida with same-day delivery.

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Favorites in Plants

Whether you're looking for orchids, blooming, or green plants, we have the greatest selection here at Trias Flowers! Located and serving Miami, Florida, and it's surrounding communities, we promise fresh delivery with every order! 

Sending plants from Trias Flowers in Miami, FL, invites you to embrace a slice of the city's vibrant, sun-kissed life, no matter where you or the recipient might be. It's a gesture that goes beyond the usual floral fare, offering a living, breathing piece of decor that grows and adapts, just like the relationships we cherish.

When you send a plant from Trias, you're giving more than just a gift; you're providing a companion that offers a daily reminder of nature's perpetual bloom. Each plant—from the sturdy snake plant that stands tall and requires minimal attention to the lush peace lily that unfurls its white flags of tranquility—is hand-selected for its beauty and vitality.

Miami's essence is captured in these plants, with options that mirror the city’s tropical charm. Consider the orchids that boast bursts of color, reflecting the vibrancy of Miami’s Art Deco district, or the succulents that echo the resilience and diversity of the city's spirited culture. Each plant nods to the natural wonders that flourish in Florida's unique climate. But it's not just about aesthetics; sending a plant from Trias Flowers is a sustainable choice, a gift that keeps giving, purifying the air, and enhancing wellbeing. It's a thoughtful, eco-friendly option for any occasion, promoting a greener, more mindful lifestyle. Moreover, Trias Flowers ensures that each plant arrives in impeccable condition, with clear care instructions, making it easy for the recipient to integrate their new green friend into their life. Whether it’s a token of love, a sign of gratitude, or a housewarming present, sending a plant from Trias Flowers is an enduring gesture that will grow in sentiment year after year.

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