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A classic display of sunflowers, Italian ruscus, leather leaves, and Israeli ruscus in a glass vase

Sundazed from Trias Flowers is a jubilant celebration of sunlit days and unadulterated joy, artfully captured in a classic display that radiates warmth and happiness. This arrangement is a cheerful homage to the sunflower, a bloom that naturally turns its face towards the light, symbolizing positivity, strength, and adoration.

Each sunflower in the Sundazed arrangement is a burst of vibrant yellow, with dark, mysterious centers that draw the eye inward. These iconic flowers stand tall and proud, their large, open faces mimicking the sun's own rays, bringing a piece of the summer's sky into any indoor space. Complementing the bright cheer of the sunflowers are the lush greens of Italian ruscus, leather leaves, and Israeli ruscus. The Italian ruscus adds a fine, textured elegance with its elongated leaves, while the broader leather leaves provide a dark, rich backdrop that makes the yellow petals pop. The Israeli ruscus, with its long stems and glossy leaves, adds depth and volume, creating a full, rounded shape to the arrangement. Held within a clear glass vase, the beauty of the stems and greenery is also on display, adding to the natural allure. A raffia tie around the neck of the vase gives a rustic touch, contrasting with the smooth glass and the refined structure of the arrangement.

Sundazed is an arrangement that can't help but bring a smile to one's face. It's perfect for brightening up a home, celebrating the beauty of nature, or simply spreading happiness and light. With its sunny disposition and elegant presentation, Sundazed is a delightful reminder of the simple joys in life.

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