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One tall green cymbidium orchid stems—swathed in ti leaves and presented in a clear glass cylinder—is simplicity perfected. This Zen-inspired floral arrangement would be stunning in a business setting or at home. The stem is presented in a cylindrical glass vase lined at the bottom with ti leaves.

Approximately 19"H X 6" W

The Zensational floral arrangement from Trias Flowers in Miami, FL, epitomizes elegance and simplicity with its minimalist design. This exquisite arrangement features a single tall green cymbidium orchid stem, artfully swathed in lush ti leaves and presented in a sleek, clear glass cylinder. This arrangement's clean lines and natural beauty make it a perfect addition to business settings and home decor, where it can effortlessly enhance any space with its serene and sophisticated charm.

The green cymbidium orchid, known for its striking and exotic appearance, symbolizes strength, beauty, and luxury. Its vibrant green hues and delicate blooms create a visual harmony that is both calming and captivating. The ti leaves, carefully arranged at the bottom of the vase, add a touch of texture and depth, complementing the orchid's elegance and creating a cohesive and balanced look. Standing tall in its cylindrical glass vase, the Zensational arrangement exudes a Zen-inspired aesthetic that brings a sense of tranquility and refinement to any environment. Its simplicity allows the natural beauty of the orchid to take center stage, making it a stunning focal point that draws the eye and soothes the soul. Whether placed in a corporate office, reception area, or living room, this arrangement will impress with its understated elegance and timeless appeal.

Trias Flowers takes great pride in crafting each Zensational arrangement with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every element is perfectly balanced and beautifully presented. This arrangement is ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the elegance of nature, offering a sophisticated and serene floral display that is both modern and timeless.

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