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Misha's Cupcakes

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This is a delicious assortment of Misha's Mini Cupcakes in different flavors ( vanilla, coconut, Oreo, buttercream, marble, chocolate, and red velvet ).

Indulge in the delightful sweetness of Misha's Cupcakes from Trias Flowers in Miami, FL—a delicious assortment of mini cupcakes perfect for any celebration or simply to satisfy your sweet tooth. This mouth-watering selection features an array of flavors, including vanilla, coconut, Oreo, buttercream, marble, chocolate, and red velvet, each crafted with love and care to ensure a delectable experience.

Misha's Cupcakes are renowned for their moist, flavorful cakes and creamy, decadent frostings. The vanilla cupcakes offer a classic taste, with a light and fluffy texture topped with smooth vanilla buttercream. The coconut variety adds a tropical twist, combining tender coconut cake with a luscious coconut frosting. The Oreo cupcakes are a delightful treat for those who love a bit of crunch, featuring a rich chocolate base topped with cookies and cream frosting.

The buttercream cupcakes are a timeless favorite, with their melt-in-your-mouth frosting that perfectly complements the soft cake. Marble cupcakes offer a delightful mix of chocolate and vanilla swirled together, providing the best of both worlds. The chocolate cupcakes are a chocoholic's dream, with a deep, rich, irresistible flavor. And finally, the red velvet cupcakes deliver a unique and luxurious taste with their velvety texture and subtle cocoa flavor, all topped with a creamy cream cheese frosting. Perfect for birthdays, parties, or any special occasion, Misha's Cupcakes from Trias Flowers will bring joy and delight to anyone who tastes them. Each mini cupcake is a bite-sized piece of heaven, making it an ideal gift or a sweet treat to share with loved ones. Indulge in the delectable flavors and experience the exceptional quality that Misha's Cupcakes are known for.