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Dishgarden Ceramic

An assortment of green plants potted in a classic ceramic dish makes for a great housewarming gift.

A lush, verdant collection of foliage plants, carefully arranged in a shallow dish to create a miniature landscape. A dish garden from Trias Flowers, known for its attention to detail and artistry, will feature a harmonious mix of textures and shades of green, punctuated with the occasional bloom. Each plant would be chosen not only for its beauty but for its ability to thrive in the micro-environment of a dish garden, ensuring longevity and ease of care for the recipient.

A dish garden from Trias Flowers in Miami would be more than just a collection of plants—it would be a living work of art, bringing a piece of the tropical lushness of South Florida into the home or office, a constant reminder of life's enduring beauty.

Approximately 20"H X 10"W

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