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The 4th Of July In A Centerpiece

If you’re hosting the 4th of July in your home this year, you’re going to need one smashing centerpiece. Preferably one that draws as much attention as the fireworks later. One that recalls the colors of the American flag. One that fits perfectly to the center of your table, giving off a sense of festivity but also a dignified air. Trias Flowers has just the thing, and the best part is, it will work however your event is styled. Whether you’ll be indoors or out, there is a 4th of July centerpiece that will generate sparks wherever you put it.

We call it the Firecracker, and we think you can see why. A splay of greens upholds a burst of white hydrangea, lilies opening like stars and a pop of red roses here and there. But in the middle of the piece is where it’s all happening. Here you’ve got a riot of blue delphiniums flaring up alongside wispy greenery, giving the effect of a firework finale. This is a statement piece, full of patriotism and beauty, an elegant way of introducing red, white and blue florals to your holiday table.Firecracker Floral Design

Do yourself and your 4th guests a favor and give them something gorgeous and thematically-appropriate to look at this Independence Day.