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Express Your Feelings with Roses

shutterstock_14492851The symbolism behind flowers started with the Victorians, who developed the language of flowers. These days, very few people remember the language of flowers, but the symbolism remains. That’s why each shade of rose says something a little different. This Valentine’s Day, let Tria’s Flowers show you all the meanings associated with roses so that you can send the right message!


Roses By Color


  • Red roses are the most popular for Valentine’s Day because their traditional meaning is one of love, romance and passion. Thorn-less red roses indicate love at first sight, while dark red roses are traditionally given to someone who is unaware of her own beauty.
  • The orange rose is a passionate flower. When you want to express excitement, enthusiasm, energy or warmth, these are the flowers to choose.
  • Yellow roses are the color of sunshine, and as such, they represent joy, happiness and friendship. Give these flowers as a token to remember you by, a way to welcome someone or simply to show that you care.
  • Throughout history, white roses have been used as bridal flowers, which makes them symbolic for new beginnings and budding relationships. White is also a symbol for purity, chastity, humility and innocence.
  • Pink is a feminine color, which means roses in this shade represent elegance, refinement and grace. You can also give them as a way to say thank you, or use them to convey feelings of sweetness and admiration.
  • Lavender is a dramatic, mysterious color. When you give lavender roses, you’re letting the recipient know that they enchant you.


Roses By Number


Colors aren’t the only way to express your feelings with roses. The number of roses you give has its own set of meanings, too.


  • A single rose represents devotion.
  • Two roses with the stems woven together is a formal way to propose marriage.
  • Give a bouquet of six roses as a way to ask someone for their love.
  • Eleven roses lets someone know that you’re madly in love with them.
  • Give 13 roses to someone you secretly admire.


Roses by Type


If colors and numbers weren’t enough, the type of rose you give also holds its own meaning. A rose in full bloom is a great way to express love and gratitude, while a rosebud represents youth and beauty. Tea roses are a sign of remembrance, and thorn-less roses tell someone you fell in love at first sight.


Now that you know what rose colors, numbers and types represent, you can use that knowledge to create a deeply meaningful message this Valentine’s Day. To learn even more about roses, visit our website. When you’re ready to order, give us a call, stop in or order online!