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What Are English Garden Style Bouquets?

Capturing the essence of a picturesque English Cottage garden with its dazzling colors, feeling of abundance, and an unorganized natural style is what the English Garden Style flower arrangement is all about. Representing the feeling of walking through a fresh, blooming garden and snipping some fresh blooms to place loosely together in a decorative pot, the floral experts here at Tria’s Flowers love creating this design. Perfect for adding a lot of English charm to any place or event, this is one arrangement that will never go out of style. 

English Country Cottage

Characteristics of the English Garden Style

The one key component of the English Garden Style is that it includes only those florals which grow during the same season. It represents the “seasonal garden look,” so you wouldn’t have flowers that bloom in the fall mixed with those that bloom in the spring. But, you can have an English Garden style arrangement for each season – it’s not just limited to spring or summer flowers. 

Birdbath in English Cottage Garden

Other characteristics of the English Garden Style, also called the English Cottage style, is a colorful mix of seasonal flowers, loosely gathered, and paired as they would be in nature. Imitating a natural look, one should see the work of Mother Nature and not a forced look by human hands. In opposition to the overly stylized and formal gardens of the Victorian period, cottage gardens are meant to be more disorganized, overgrown, ruled by nature, yet abundant and flourishing. Typical flowers featured are larger blooms such as English roses, peonies, and dahlias mixed with vertical accents like foxglove, larkspur, and delphinium surrounded by an abundant amount of greenery. 

A magnificent arrangement of natures finest blue hydrangeas, pink roses, alstromerias, snapdragons, purple lisianthus and eucalyptus in a glass vase.

Pastel Delight

A gorgeous and unique arrangement of white hydrangeas, pink roses, pink snapdragons, pink alstromerias, pink wax flowers and masangena leaves in a beautiful clear hourglass vase.

Pink Dream

Best Occasions for Use

The Eglish Garden Style floral arrangement is one you’ll see at weddings and other formal events due to its understated elegance, grace, and charm. Honestly, though, this is a style that works for practically any occasion whether for Mother’s Day, Just Because, Anniversaries, or Birthdays. Or, if you want to recreate a Downton Abbey look or just bring an awesome amount of English charm into your home, then this style works perfectly for that too! Beautiful flowers enhance any home or event and are beloved by all and we love providing quality flowers to our Miami community and beyond for all their floral needs.