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August is Romance Month

How do you celebrate romance? In August, National Romance Month gives you a month’s worth of opportunity to show that special someone just how amazing you think they are. And whether you plan a picnic, write a love song, or watch the sunset, flowers should always be involved. Flowers have represented love and romance for thousands of years, and the experts at Trias Flowers have the floral designs which are sure to set off some sparks.

The King of Romance: Nothing beats red roses when it comes to expressing romance and passion. While we are happy to provide you with a beautiful, classic 12-stem bouquet, our floral designers have created exquisite designs you won’t find anywhere else.

A breathtaking, spectacular red rose arrangement that will impress any loved one. Arranged with 200 long stemmed red roses!

Why Romance Is Important

To celebrate this special month, here are a few romantic statistics you may enjoy:

  • Romantic people tend to make more money. Studies have shown that those who kiss their significant other “goodbye” when leaving in the morning earn higher wages across the board, likely due to the fact that they also exhibit higher levels of productivity and responsibility. And since romantic people also live five years longer on average, there are real benefits to giving them a kiss!
  • Nearly 10,000 marriages a year are attributed to an initial impromptu coffee date.
  • Online dating is rapidly becoming the premier way to meet a spouse. In 2017, 40% of singles reported being a member of an online dating site, and 20% of current marriages report that the relationship began online.
  • It’s no myth – chocolate really does stimulate the brain in such a way that it mimics the feeling of falling in love. You may want to add some gourmet chocolate to that floral bouquet!

In this adorable and enchanting array of our freshest pink roses clustered together and accented by hot pink rocks, making this the perfect sweet statement!Here are a few more stats about love….

  • Men fall in love faster than women do.
  • Love is a drug and can be just as addictive as cocaine.
  • Women are more attracted to men who have a good sense of humor.
  • Hugging your SO instantly reduces stress.
  • Being in love improves your emotional and physical health.
  • Cuddling releases happiness hormones and improves your mood and wellbeing.
  • Being in love can reduce chronic pain.
  • Honesty helps relationships last.

For National Romance Month, Trias Flowers is here to help you deliver the love – across Miami or across the country. Visit us online for a lovely rose floral design or an arrangement of her favorite flowers. Don’t let August pass without letting them know how much you love them!