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Beautiful White Flowers, No Matter The Season

Tradition has long held to the notion that wearing white or using it to decorate after Labor Day was a faux-pas. However, in recent years it has become even more trendy to ignore that rule and find ways to incorporate white deliberately. Whether you choose a white wool sweater, or heavy white drapes for your living room, white is here to stay, all year long. For a contemporary look that follows this newer fashion rule, try incorporating white in unexpected places throughout your home. All-white throw pillows, table linens or floral arrangements are a great way to add a modern look to your space. Trias Flowers encourages you to experiment with your creativity and enjoy the results.

Creamy white roses nod at the waning summer while mingling in rich dark green foliage that accents the coming winter in our classic White Roses display. Arriving in an elegant clear glass vase, this piece brings summer colors and winter textures together beautifully in one stunning display.

Six White Ecuadorian Roses in a Clear Vase

Using an all-white floral arrangement is a great way to add freshness and light to autumn or winter decor. Use flowers to add texture, fragrance and a lighter vibe, and find yourself on trend as well. The floral experts at Trias Flowers are glad to help you choose a white bouquet that’s perfect for you.