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For February Give Violets

shutterstock_196566356Miami may be the only place in the continental United States that hasn’t had to deal with the ravages of winter. We don’t mind a bit of bragging because here at Trias Flowers. We have plenty of colorful flowers. Our collection of spring flower arrangements will put a smile on anyone’s face – especially on a rainy day.

February’s birth flower is violet. These brightly colored low-growing annuals grow best in cool temperatures, moist soil, and partial shade. They are found all over the world, but they are most abundant in the Northern Hemisphere.

Although you probably won’t see them down here very often, you’ll definitely find a range of flowers that have the same color configuration.

There are many stories from Greek mythology that talk about the importance of violets. One myth where violets are important to the story’s message involves the mythological character, Persephone. As Persephone wandered through a field of violets, Hades, the God of the Underworld watched her. The instant he saw her, he fell in love with her. He captured her and brought her to his death kingdom in the underworld. This caused the world to turn barren.

Hades decided to let Persephone re-enter the world at the beginning of spring. Her return prompted violets to emerge right away. Hades eventually made a deal with Persephone, allowing her to go back to the world at the start of spring, but insisting that she returns to the underworld at the end of fall. As soon as Persephone returned to the underworld, the world would go barren again.

Violets come in a range of colors that are typically associated with spring, including violet, blue, yellow, white, and cream. There are also violet varieties that are bi-colored, and the most common color combination is blue and yellow.

Capture the feeling of the violet, a symbol for affection, modesty, and virtue with our Spring Butterfly Basket. We capture the essence of spring with a light violet-purple, a deep blue, yellow, cream, and shades of pink. We top this colorful basket off with decorative butterflies.

If you want to embrace purple, our Confetti Present has flowers in all shades of purple and lavender. We really capture the feeling of spring by adding bold shades of pink, all arranged in a decorative box that is filled with water-resistant purple and pink tissue paper.