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Bee Friendly Butterfly Gardens

butterfly gardens

Here in South Florida, we have the luxury of warm weather and beautiful flowers most of the year. If you would like to take advantage of that fact to create a butterfly garden, there are just a few simple rules to follow. Butterfly gardens are not only aesthetically lovely, but they give the butterfly a safe place to relax, feed and pollinate. The experts at Trias Flowers are happy to help you to create the perfect outdoor space that will bring all the interest and fascination of nature to your doorstep.

Once you begin selecting flowers which will attract butterflies, you will probably notice that they will also encourage honeybees to visit your yard. Although you may at first be intimidated by this thought, you can rest easy. Honeybees are critical to our ecosystem, yet are suffering a critical population loss. By providing a safe haven for them, you will be doing your part to help their plight – and you need not worry. Honeybees foraging for nectar and pollen are uninterested in stinging you. In fact, they will only sting you if threatened or harassed. butterfly gardens

Flowers which will most successfully attract butterflies are those which are native to our region, and generally more “wildflower” in nature. And did you know? It is not necessary to plant a garden in the yard – you will see butterflies begin to congregate if you arrange groupings of potted or hanging plants as well. Flowers that both bees and butterflies love include sunflowers, asters, daisies, violets, butterfly bushes, zinnias, and goldenrod. Bees are also partial to snapdragons and wild roses – and adding them to your backyard will result in a beautiful landscape.What Else Do You Need? Both butterflies and bees require a water source nearby if you wish for them to linger; shallow containers of water, pebbles, and twigs will hydrate them and give them a place to rest while they drink. You should also shelter your garden from any gusts of wind, perhaps in the shadow of a hedge or under a trellis.

Creating a beautiful backyard oasis for yourself and the butterflies is as easy as displaying bright, nectar-rich flowers, providing some water and sunshine, then sitting back to enjoy your visitors.

Throughout the summer and all year round, Trias Flowers is here to make your world – and Miami – a little more beautiful.