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Bee-Friendly Summer Flowers

A healthy, natural garden is a thriving eco-system all its own. Flowers bloom, produce ripens and bees buzz all around, indicating a strong environment. Bees, specifically, are an indication that you’re doing much to keep your growing space toxin-free, hydrated and balanced. By providing bee-friendly flowers like hydrangea, sunflowers, roses and lavender, you allow these creatures that have been subjected to damaging environmental changes to grow and work again. Trias Flowers & Gifts recommends creating a pesticide-free space, shaded shelter and a bit of fresh water for bees to encourage healthy growth in your naturally beautiful garden.

Include beautiful blooms like the ones featured in our Yellow Beauty, a sweet cluster of white hydrangea, yellow roses, white snapdragons and aspidistra milky way. Invite bees to mingle among gorgeous blooms like these throughout your garden.

By including bee-friendly blooms in your garden or outdoor space, you are not only adding to the health of your flowers, you are adding to the dwindling bee population. Help out these industrious workers that do so much for us and watch your garden come to life. The floral experts at Trias Flowers & Gifts are eager to offer ideas, tips and advice about keeping your floral space blooming in healthy and eco-friendly ways.