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Bring Summer’s Brightest Botanicals into Your Home

All around us are blooming vibrant and colorful blooms of summer. Enliven your home and your spirits by picking up an arrangement (or two!) of summer flowers. Experience the joy these colorful blooms bring with their energy, fragrance, and saturated hues. Here at Trias Flowers, Miami’s top florist, we love being surrounded by the bright botanicals of summer. Below, you’ll find some of our favorites and flowers we know will brighten your day.

Summer’s Most Popular Flowers

Calla Lilies

An elegant and unique bloom, the Calla lily leaves quite an impression. Coming in colors of rich burgundy, yellow, pink, orange, and pink. White Calla lilies are very popular amongst brides.


A lush, full blossom with a cluster of compacted smaller petals, the dahlia is a magnificent bloom. Growing in a wide array of rich colors, dahlias are a statement flower.


Lovely and charming, the simple daisy is a favorite bloom of summer. Though they grow in a bunch of different colors, the white and yellow variety, known as the Shasta daisy, is the most popular.


For a vertical accent full of vibrant, frilly flowers, look to the delphinium. Loved by gardeners and florists alike, these blooms are fabulous in arrangements with other flowers or on their own, too.


A lush, decadent bloom full of numerous frilly petals, the peony is an early summer bloom. Commonly featured in June weddings, the peony is linked with romanticism and love.


Unparalleled in popularity, the rose is a symbol of love and perfection across many cultures. Roses come in nearly every color and different cultivars produce a variety of shapes and sizes.


The large, bright blooms of the sunflower are very distinctive. Sunflowers radiate vibrancy and joy and are a staple of summer florals.


These cute, daisy-like flowers grow in a variety of bright colors. Their petals and skinny but plenty giving them a star-like appearance.


With striking blue petals, the cornflower makes an impression. These charming blooms are great accent blooms and grow in other colors as well.


A whispy, flowy flower but with brightness and charm that goes a long way. The cosmos is a wildflower that adds a wonderful pop of color to any area.


Lavender is known for its soothing and pleasant fragrance but has beautiful clusters of purple flowers in its stem, too. This bloom exudes a lovely country charm.


Large and frilly, the lisianthus is an amazing bloom that rivals the beauty of the rose. This fabulous flower grows in purple, pink, peach, and white.


With only five, round petals, the waxflower sure has an abundance of charm. Growing in sweet colors such as pink, white, blue, and red, the waxflower is popular in wedding arrangements.


Bold, bright, and big, if you want a bloom to make an impact, then the zinnia is a great choice. Growing in a wide array of colors, this summer floral really pops.

Brighten your home and your mood with summer blooms! Visit our online catalog for even more beautiful flowers.